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When and Where
  • 5/8/2023 1:00 PM MDT
  • 6/1/2023 3:00 PM MDT
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MTSBA 2023 Title IX Regulation On-Demand Video Training


Only $125 per person or $500 for Unlimited District Option

Video links will be emailed to registrants

Under current Title IX Regulations, school districts must ensure that district officials (staff and trustees) involved in sexual harassment (Title IX) matters receive training on the definition of “sexual harassment,” the investigation process, the grievance process, the decision-making, and appeal processes, and avoiding conflicts of interest and bias. Although the U.S. Department of Education has released proposed changes to the Title IX Regulations, training on this subject is required under the law. This training meets the requirements under Title IX. 


Session #1

The focus of this session will be on what constitutes sexual harassment and what school employees need to know about the warning signs, how to respond to reports of sexual harassment, reporting requirements, and protecting the privacy rights of students and staff. We will also discuss the US DOE’s proposed changes to the Title IX Regulations, 


Session #2 

This session will be devoted to an overview of sexual harassment policies and procedures relating to staff and student sexual harassment, the supportive measure that must be made available, the rights of both the complainant and the individual about whom the complaint is made. This session will include an overview of the role of the Title IX Coordinator, the decision-maker and the appeal process. 


Session #3

The focus of this session will be on resources developed by MTSBA to help school districts through this process, including a checklist to ensure compliance with the law, best practices in communicating with all parties involved, the investigative process and the investigative report, the written determination of the decision-maker and how to handle any appeals. We're recording each series and you can watch the video recording on your own time!



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