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When and Where
  • 5/8/2023 8:30 AM MDT
  • 6/30/2023 4:30 PM MDT
  • On Demand

2023 MTSBA Collective Bargaining Training

On Demand

This training will be provided at no charge to those districts that are part of our Labor Maintenance Program. For members who are not a part of the program, the fee will be $125 for individual registration or $500 for the unlimited bundled rate. 

  • The first area will focus on the rules that both sides must follow (and how they may differ from each other). We will discuss the different styles of bargaining going over the pros and cons of each and how to change if that is something your district would like to do. 
  • The second area of focus will be on the collective bargaining agreement itself. What does good language look like? How do you go about drafting language? What does the language mean? Money…cost outs, modifying salary schedule, retirement incentives, etc.
  • The third area of focus will on relationships. We spend a lot of time and energy focusing on the first two areas of this series but at the end of the day, it is the people that decide to take the deal or not. What motivates us and how do we move beyond the conflict of the bargaining table and focus that energy on what is best for students. 

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